SE Bazaar is the first-ever Online Store dedicated to the Sales Engineering profession. We offer SE-inspired products and solutions for Sales Engineers, Solutions Consultants, Technical Sales and Solution Architects. Our products also make great gift ideas to reward a favorite SE. 

Our business was started with the following vision:

awareness-icon.pngAWARENESS: Promote and sell products that help raise awareness for Sales Engineering. Our products should create curiosity for everyone to learn what "SE"s do and the influence they have on a company's success. 


gifts.pngGIFT IDEAS: As a Sales Engineer, I always wanted apparel and gifts that I could relate to. There are over 90,000 Sales Engineers in the US and much more around the world. These products bring an element of fun and pride to our day-to-day lives. 


rewards.pngREWARD YOUR SE: Sales Executives and Sales Leaders, who truly appreciate Sales Engineering efforts, want ways to recognize and reward their SEs. Our product catalog offers them exciting apparel, mugs, caps, backpacks, posters and personalized gift boxes to show their appreciation. 

We hope you are inspired by our designs and join us in promoting the great profession of Sales Engineering!


Please submit any ideas or recommendations to sales@sebazaar.com